3 COOL things you didn’t know your copy machine could do !

3 COOL things you probably didn’t know your copy machine could do !

Things Copier can doI bet there are so many great things your office multi function printer is capable of doing that you have not exploited! Besides printing, copying, and scanning did you know you could download apps directly from your office printer, save you ink, back up files on a cloud server, and can work with other devices. As your local source for copier leasing in Miami, Fl and the greater Miami-Dade County area we’ve discovered that there are some really great features, especially the newer copier models, that most of our customers never exploit or even know are there.
In this articles we’d like to show you 3 VERY COOL THINGS our multi function copiers do that you probably didn’t know.





Not all office printers offer this capability but the newer models especially those of top manufacturers like HP, Samsung, Ricoh, and Canon offer the means to download apps directly from the printer itself. These apps allow you to print calendar’s, daily crossword puzzles, and tons of other fun features that offer great value to our customers.



Newer copiers now come with storage space directly in them or a slot for an SD card for additional scanning storage. You’re multi function copier will now become a place where you can backup documents, files, scanned docs, and any tem you would lie to have on hand for future reoccurring printing. Some of the more up to date printers even offer the ability to print from you’re mobile device. By configuring a setting on the printer you’ll have access to print directly from your phone, laptop, or even your tablet.



There are some great apps such as Ecofont that allows your employees to print from fonts that are perforated. This allows you to print fonts while using less ink because it punches small holes in the them. This can actually help you cut your ink cost also by 50% each year. You can also configure a setting in your office printer to “draft mode” where you can also save on ink.

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Questions To Ask Before Leasing a Copy Machine

6 Questions To A Copier Leasing Company Ask When You’re Planning to Lease a Copier

Thinking about leasing a multifunction copy machine? Here are some things to think about before you take the leap.
Often times it’s the office managers or administrators that are given the task of finding a copier lease for their printing and office solutions needs. Flat Rate Copiers has developed an Instant Online Quote Tool that makes this daunting task very easy. You can create multiple quotes to fit your printing needs and budget, you can save the quotes, share them with your boss, and the application / qualifying process is simple and quick.

copier leasing companies near me in MiamiWhen you lease a copier or multifunction copy machine you are extending a payment option in order to upgrade or replace your current printing equipment. Leasing a copier is a great option for businesses because you can set your budget, have flexible payments, you can set the term, and own your copier at the end of the lease usually for $1.00 buyout price.

In the Miami, Florida and Dade-County area Flat rate Copiers has had continued growth and success due to their guaranteed approval, 6 hour response time for copier service or repair, and their free delivery and setup anywhere in the county including Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Here are some questions you should ask before committing to a copier leasing company in Miami or any other city:

1. How long is the term

2. Does my price per print increase if I go over on my monthly prints?

3. How much does my printing price increase?

4. Can I own my copier after my lease is up?

5. Can I continue my maintenance agreement once my lease is up?

6. Is delivery and setup including in my price?

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What you should know before you rent a copy machine

If you rent a copy machine, you may be at risk for a major security breach or downtime.

Not too unlike renting a car you’re almost always going to get a high milage machine that is anything but reliable. Many of these copy machines just had a great day at the beach or spent the last two weeks in a dusty construction trailer. The truth is these copiers could have been anywhere before they showed up at your doorstep. Unfortunately that’s not all, once you’ve completed your rental all of your scanned and printed documents now have a home on the same hard drive as it’s passed to the next company, expo, or construction company.

Copier Rentals in Miami aren’t always bad news, but it’s important to remember that though your obligation to the company that rents that copier to you is limited, so too is the obligations of that copier rental company to you. If you Must rent a copier here’s a couple of tips to keep close when signing your rental agreement.

  1. Always ask about “Overages” These are typically hidden charges that can quickly balloon your payment if you are not careful
  2. Delivery: This will depend on the company and Your location. (In Miami and Ft.Lauderdale we do not charge for delivery on a copier lease, but do with a copy machine rental)
  3. Setup: This is actually something that you can outsource and save money. Most Copier rental companies do not specialize in temporary network setups or ahoc networks)
  4. Downtime: Always ask about the guaranteed response time if the copier rental company has one. A good response time would be 6 hours or less.
  5. Return fee: Many potential customers never ask this, but IS the return fee included in the delivery charge?

Renting a copier in Miami may serve it’s purpose for small events with non-secure printing and copying, but it should not be a substitute for long term use. There are many businesses that don’t believe that they has sufficient business credit or are too new to qualify for a copier lease, but this is no longer a valid truth. Flat Rate Copiers guarantees approval for all of our leases. We have free delivery and setup and you guessed it… a 6 hour response time. Ask us about our guaranteed approval for small to medium businesses in South Florida.

Ricoh Photocopier

On comparing your conventional photo copy machine with an advanced technology Ricoh photocopier, you would find that you are working with an age old technology that requires much labor, power, maintenance and raw material.

A quick comparison between the two machines is sufficient to highlight the inability of conventional machine in handling the work pressure. On the contrary, it slows down the process. It takes much time in copying documents and it wastes much paper and toner in copying. The paper and toner wasted is an unnecessary burden on your profit.

Small and medium businesses are forced to work with traditional machines as they are unable to buy new equipments. Advanced technology copiers are expensive and banks and branded companies have strict terms and conditions for financing and leasing latest office equipments. Since small and medium businesses are unable to meet the requirements of banks and retailers, they are forced to work with outdated equipments.

At Flat Rate Copiers, advanced Ricoh photocopier companies costs nothing. This machine could be bought at lowest price, on easy finance schemes and on affordable lease and rent. How would you like to own this copy machine? Service is guaranteed at Flat Rate Copiers. We have easy terms and conditions that you can meet in a hassle free manner.

We are number one photocopy machine company and we offer best and branded machines on sale, lease and rent. Finance options are also available for buyers with limited budget. We have the machine that could meet your needs.

Buy a commercial Ricoh photocopier on easy payment or lease one for your needs. Choose the option that best suits to your needs and leave everything on us. You would get the best service that includes after hour service and on-site service.

Affordable Copier repair technician

Copier repair technician

Searching for a reliable copier repair technician can be a overwhelming task in South Florida. If you’ve noticed there are not too many of these guys around. Today, we’ll take a look at what are the important things to look for when your copier needs parts or repair.

Can I fix this myself?

Copier repair can soon become bewildering and unless you have experience with computers and other electronics going beyond the plastic paneling is risky. There are literally thousands of moving parts in today’s photocopiers. There have even been some engineers that suggest on paper these should NOT actually work at the efficiency that they do. Well, thank goodness they were wrong and we don’t have to sweat the details. Copiers are not design for the DIY (do it yourself) repair.

How to avoid the call to begin with, Common jams, issues and copier parts
Let’s take a look at why you’re in this undesirable position to begin with. Most copier issues (and I mean 90%) are a simple matter of understanding where the jam originates in the paper path. The paper path is from the paper drawer to the exit on to the paper tray. So, it’s always good practice to start at the beginning. The drawer starts elevating the paper (once closed) to a rubber pickup roller. This roller not unlike a tire on a car wears out over time.

For example it may pick up the first two pages, but fail to pick up the rest, thus halting the entire production. Once the copier detects there’s an issue paper deep in the path are left for your to manually remove them. So, ask yourself “Where in the paper path dose this originate?”. Having the answer may save you time and money. It may only be a $5 roller.


Selecting a copier repair company and or technician

Typically we don’t scrutinize our technicians as we would for a reliable auto mechanic when it’s our own car that needs repair. However, I challenge you to consider doing this. There are several levels of technicians, color specialist, and Black/White only techs. Digging further you’ll learn that brand, model, and year will also be key factors when contracting a technician. An example is a tech only certified on late model Black copiers billing you $95 /hr to examine your color machine. The tech is willing to take the call and you’re willing to take the risk. The tech is crossing his fingers that it’s a simple matter of cleaning or removing a jam, however if it’s a color specific issue he may learn on the job. (You pay for this education, plus copier parts) This isn’t meant to scare you, rather create an awareness of who you pay for service.

Be sure to ask about our service contracts and the benefits to having peace of mind.