Flat Rate Copiers was established in 2012 with a mission to reach out to small and medium businesses that needed affordable printing solutions. ┬áThe printing industry seemed ripe for modern change and instant results so we created the online instant quote. We’ve all heard of this in other industries like insurance, but why not copiers..

The idea came when we found ourselves searching online for straight forward pricing for our own copier and only came up with forms and waited for call backs or proposals. This took in some cases days. We thought there had to be a better way and got straight to work. Since then we’ve improved and supported hundreds of small and medium businesses. Starting up an new business or expanding an existing one is not small task. With the FRC online instant quote countless companies had one less thing to worry about.

Our story doesn’t end there, we’re just getting started with recently enhanced proactive service technicians we provide stellar service to all of our clients. We minimize possible downtime and have included shipping and toners with all of our service contracts. In five years we’ve grown exponentially and shattered our sales goals.