About Us

Flat Rate Copiers

Flat Rate Copiers established in 2010 with a mission to reach out to small and medium businesses that needed affordable printing solutions.  The printing industry seemed ripe for modern change and instant results so we created the online instant quote. We've all heard of this in other industries like insurance, but why not copiers..

Since then we've improved and supported hundreds of businesses and we're just getting started with enhanced proactive service technicians we provide stellar service to All of our clients. We constantly find ways to minimize possible downtime and have included shipping and toners with all of our service contracts. Flat Rate Copiers has grown exponentially and shattered all annual sales goals.

Flat Rate Service and Transparency:

Our industry has been known to make it difficult to find straight forward pricing and has tendencies to hide true service fees. We felt this needed to be changed. Flat Rate Copiers believes in upfront pricing, fee disclosure, and transparent service rates all of which you will find in this very proposal.

Enterprise and Enterprise VIP Service:

If your business has over 50 employees we now offer our Enterprise service with dedicated technicians to better service and more importantly understand your business needs. Our Enterprise VIP service not only dedicates a specialist for your industry, but guarantees multiple visits per month. This proactive high-touch approach has resulted in 99% up-time for our elite clients.

  Careers: If you're interesting in joining our team, please click here or call us at 877-781-5112