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What You need to know about your Copy Machine Lease

Renting & Leasing A Copy Machine Through FRC

FRC provides premier copier leasing services to businesses. We also advice our customers on copier machine rentals

When to lease a copy machine

A copy machine lease is best if:
• You need a copier for your business’ offices permanently
• You want to spread the cost over time
• You have decided that buying isn’t the best option.
• You are looking for an arrangement that includes maintenance and repairs

Benefits of leasing copy machines with FRC

A search for “copy machine companies near me” may turn up many options for you to consider. When you get a copy machine lease through FRC, you get copier leases customized to your needs.

FRC’s copy machine leases offer

New equipment: FRC has your choice of multifunctional, high-end copiers and reliable, affordable copy machines. Get a new brand name copier with an FRC copier lease.

Instant Quote, Transparency and Cost: FRC calculates the cost of copier leases upfront based on usage and interest. Get an instant quote of a copy machine lease now.

No Overage Penalties: Over the copier lease’s monthly usage limits? FRC charges a flat rate for the overage ($0.01/B&W print; $0.06/color print). No surprises in your bills!

Guaranteed Approval: FRC guarantees approval of all FRC copy machine leases.

Quick Delivery & Installation: Once a copier lease is signed by the customer, FRC delivers and sets up the copier within 3-5 business days at no additional cost.

Preventative Maintenance & Supplies: FRC includes regular maintenance and supplies, like toner, in its copier leases at no additional cost.

Repair Services: FRC guarantees a same day, less than 4-hour response time for unexpected repairs. FRC includes all parts and labor in the copy machine lease. FRC has certified technicians, who are familiar with all copier brands, to handle repairs.

Buyout Option: Most FRC customers upgrade their copiers after 2 or 3 years. FRC offers buyout options for customers who wish to own the copier after the lease ends.

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When to rent a copy machine

A copier machine rental is appropriate if:
• Your business needs a copy machine for a short period of time (12 months or less).
• You don’t want a long-term cost or commitment
Benefits of consulting FRC about your rental copier machine needs

FRC will consult with you about your copier machine rental needs and guide you towards the best products and services available based on your needs.

Whether you are interested in leasing copy machines or in a copier machine rental, call us today for a quote.

Learn more about whether renting or leasing a copy machine is best for your situation. Or call us today to help you find the best solution for your business!

Leasing or Renting a photocopier

Photocopiers are very similar to a vehicle in that they can cost as much as one, have hundreds of moving parts, they have natural friction that produces wear and tear, they have consumables, and staying ahead of maintenance is critical to keep the wheels turning.

Unlike printers and MFP copiers you can get at the local electronics or big-box store, photocopiers are designed to increase the “yield” (or total number of prints) per toner cartridge. Smaller office printers are nearly free with the manufactures assuming they’ll clean up on ink sales (this might be why you’re reading this.) The yield of any inkjet is only a very small fraction of what you could expect from a photocopier, which then basically translates to a commercial copier having better efficiency and higher reliability. This is specifically what they are designed for; corporate, business pros, and even paper-centric start-up businesses. It’s not just for their efficiency but it can also be as simple as for paper size.  If your office plans to print on larger than legal and letter size paper, then you will likely be in the market for what is referred to as an A3 copier. This is a full size copier which most companies opt for instead of a low volume desktop printer with extra trays.

Leasing a copier has even more benefits, for example, purchasing would leave your office with depreciating hardware that would still need to be maintained. Eventually replacing parts without a maintenance agreement would be very costly.  Additionally, there are certain tax deductions that you may qualify for with the lease payments. Leasing a copier vs owning one may be a dramatic difference when it comes to your corporate taxes.

Leasing a Copier vs Renting a Copier

Copier leasing in Miami is often mistaken for a copy machine rental.  So what’s the difference?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions from new customers.  When considering leasing or rental, the primary difference boils down to commitment and availability.  Depending on your office needs there are advantages to both. Committing to a 36 month lease term for example is like having a warranty or insurance for your copier. Some businesses are not aware that the lease term also comes with a commitment to dispatch a repair tech the same day, supply free toner, maintain and repair the copier.  The availability of copier rentals are limited to our smaller fleet and don’t offer the lowest cost per print. Rentals are designed to be day-to-day or week-to-week.

It’s also worth mentioning photocopier lease advantages far out weight the limited photocopier rental and here’s why. When you rent a photocopy machine you are not held to a longer commitment, but it’s not likely you’ll have a high quality or new copier either. Rentals often have much higher mileage and are typically shipped across the city or state for conferences or even short term construction sites. While in contrast, when you lease a color copier or even a desktop printer you’re receiving a product that no other customer or company has used or abused.