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Looking for the best copier repair service company?

Don’t Pay Another Copier Repair Tech Until You Read This

You’ve likely made it to this page searching for copier repair near me in search of an affordable of a copier repair service. The good news is, we do have technicians Nationwide, and yes that means locally. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new way to cut costs on copy machine service.

It’s not Your Fault

Many businesses start with a very low print volume and many owners think “Hey, it’s 2020 I can go paperless…” As your business grows and your staff increases so does the printer and scanning demand. Keeping cost low is great business instinct and when it comes to maintaining your printer or copy machine it is still a logical expectation. We’ll explain how.

Cost per print mentality

Copier repair costs comes down to a lower cost per print? Most assume it’s the amount you spend on toners every month. If this were the only expense to printing there would be no need to lease a printer or have copy machine service. Industry leaders and CFOs reduce everything to a cost per print because that’s the only way to audit your true expenses. To track your true cost per print let’s take a look at the following:


As you may have guessed supplies for your printer includes toner. As this toner is consumed the copier and printer will start to wear down other components. With a copier lease toner is included in the prices shown on our instant quote.

Parts & Labor

Parts for your printer or copy machine include rollers, fusers, waste toner bottles, filters, belts, and about 1,000 parts more. Each part has an estimated life called a yield. Some parts such as drums only last about 30,000 prints before they need to be replaced.

However, before we can even consider the price for these parts we have to consider the cost per hour for the average technician. In most states the minimum is around $80/hr and can be as high as $250/hr. In all the average part will cost on average $100 and one hour of labor is the minimum to install that part.

So before your next search engine hunt for copier repair near me always ask about possible cost for parts before you pay for labor.


This is the final most underrated cost per print killer. How much did it cost your business when your printer last went down? How much is each employee worth per hour that could not complete a task while the copier or printer was down? How can one quantify the amount of new revenue lost for more than a day of downtime…

Most medium and large businesses can’t afford to print on retail or consumer level printers and copiers because none come with support and downtime would diminish any kind of “savings” in a single day of downtime.

Before Choosing A Copier Repair Company

If you are looking for maintenance for your office copier, there are several things to consider when shopping for copier repair services companies.


printer icon


Whether you’re leasing a copy machine with a copier maintenance agreement or own your own multifunction copier. It’s important that your office considers what’s the best way to hedge down time.

We have several customers that come from copier rental agreements or rental copier machines in general. These are short-term solutions and the obligation of the service provider is as limited as the length of the rental agreement. Many rental copy machine companies focus on charging their customers per print. So you may have the convenience and beneficent of a high-speed multifunction copiers when doing short-term rentals, but your cost per print is nearly the same as the printer or small multifunction you can get at the local Big Box store.


Printer Repair

Certified At Flat Rate Copiers our copy machine repair and printer repair technicians Focus on All Brands including Xerox copiers, Ricoh copierrepair , Sharp copiers, Konica Minolta copiers, HP copiers ,HP Printer repair, Kyocera copiers, Canon copier service, Canon Printers, and many more.

Each one of our technicians are certified in copy machine repair and printer repair. In addition, each one of Flat Rate Copiers lease agreements are always accompanied with copier repair service or a copier maintenance agreement. This always includes all toner parts & labor.

Same Day Printer Repair

At Flat Rate Copiers we focus on keeping a low cost per print and providing our clients same-day response time.

Leasing a copier isn’t just about choosing the correct copier for your office but really taking your time to focus on a company that understands copier repair. At Flat Rate Copiers we have a combined experience of over 50 years of copy machine repair service and have won several awards for Xerox, HP, and Canon copier repairs.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a printer repair service provider is not just a copier repair technician, but the company’s response time. With a copier rental there’s typically no guarantee of response time when your copier is down when you need support. Furthermore,Flat Rate Copiers focuses on preventive maintenance. This allows our company and our copier repair technicians to stay ahead of any likely issues that can cause down time and your office copier to fail.

To learn more about our copier repair services or to reach a copier repair technician near you please call our toll-free number at 877-781-5112 and select number 2 on the prompt. You can mention that you are looking for photocopiers near me and our service tech will make a location recommendation.

Need help with your copier? We love helping businesses stay on track

Here you can open a support ticket if you’re an existing customer or call to request support from one of our certified experts.

Copier machine repair can be very stressful and very expensive if the repair technician is not certified or properly trained. Unfortunately there’s really no way to tell until it’s too late. Online review website’s don’t offer many options for independent copier repair service techs and dealers can charge as much as $220 per hour! Ouch.

As with most of our business practice we believe in transparent service agreements with all of our copier leases. If you are just calling for service, and you are not one of our customers, then we can give you an honest competitive estimate upfront. To get the best deal on a printer just let out customer service rep know which brand you are interested in by mentioning our online discounts or photocopier near me.

*For the smaller desktop printers we offer support for Ricoh, HP, Savin multifunction, Canon printers, Lanier, Panasonic, Konica Minolta, Sharp, Brother, Konica Minolta (bizHub),Kyocera, Sharp copiers.