Sharp Copiers: Why This Copier is the Perfect Fit for Your Office

Sharp is all about technology. The commercial copier brand has award-winning digital copying and printing systems that can be customized to specific business needs. The company's multifunction printers are designed to make device setup easier and faster. These machines are not your typical all-in-one copier, printing, faxing and scanning devices. Their MFPs are engineered to increase workflow efficiency and provide exceptional image quality. Sharp MFPs are easier to operate, control, monitor, and manage. These copiers will surely boost your office productivity and performance. Sharp printers have tons of options. They have choices from expandable memory capabilities to extra paper capacity, and professional finishers to software add-ons.

Company origins

Believe it or not, Sharp started with a snap belt buckle, a flow faucet, and a pencil. Its founder, Tokuji Hayakawa, invented a snap belt buckle with no fastening holes required. Between the years 1912 to 1914, he invented and patented an adjustable flow faucet. Later on, he released the Ever-Sharp Mechanical Pencil to the market. This pencil catapulted Sharp to new heights and influenced its global standing today.

Sharp is Simply Better

Sharp takes pride in making office solutions simply better. The tagline is apparent in its multifunction systems. As a result, workflow will be streamlined. A Sharp MFP will turn your workspace into a smart office.

Mobile and Cloud Integration

You can connect Sharp's MFPs to a variety of mobile and cloud devices. Now you don't have to be confined to the office. Your team can work anytime, anywhere. This amazing flexibility can bring new business opportunities and improve your bottom line. Sharp copiers have single sign-on for easy access to public cloud services. These include services such as Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Box, and Dropbox. These MFPs also support AirPrint and Sharp Print Service Plugin mobile printing services.

Business Card Management

It will be easy to manage a database of business cards with Sharp copiers. Simply place multiple cards on the MFP's document glass (platen) to scan them all at once. The MFP reads contact details on each card. This requires optional MX-EB20 on the MFPs that use OCR technology. It will then export those details to a third-party contact management system of your choice. This saves you the hassle of inputting details manually.

Better User Interface

Sharp MFPs are easy to operate with the 10.1-inch color LCD touchscreen. Just tap your dedicated user icon to access a personally-customized operation screen. In Easy UI mode, the touchscreen displays simple icons for frequently used functions. This includes duplexing and paper size selection. Moreover, with the Advanced Preview function, you can check document finishes, edit pages in advance, and more.

Fast Wake Up from Sleep Mode

Sharp MFPs recover quickly from energy-saving Sleep Mode. You can place a document in the RSPF or touch the LCD control panel. After which the MFP wakes up in just one second. You just have to enable the Fast Wake Up mode. As a result, this will minimize waiting and get your jobs done faster.

Secure Access Control

Sharp copiers support the Active Directory service. This lets you use the machine's log-on credentials for network folders. System administrators are able to keep track of MFP usage. This is done through a centralized management of multiple user credentials. As a result, this will lead to an efficient and highly secure operational environment. Also, single sign-on gives you access to cloud services from the MFP by simply logging in to it. You don't need to re-enter your IDs and passwords. As a result, you can easily access your internal network folders.

Integrated Device Management

You can get the most out of a Sharp document system by using its management tools. For example, you can use the Remote Device Manager to manage multiple Sharp MFPs. This is a great deal for system administrators. The feature includes system setup, user access, and security settings. Moreover, you can perform actions like troubleshooting and maintenance.

Print Release

The Print Release function lets you send documents to the main MFP. Then, this will act as a server and stores the documents for printing out from any other compatible MFP on the network. This function comes in handy when the main MFP is in use or under maintenance.

Sharp Copiers High Color and B/W Output

Sharp MFPs deliver a fast output of 60/50/40/35/30/26 ppm in B/W and in full color. For example, on the MX-6051/5051, the first copy comes out in just 3.7 seconds in B/W and 4.8 seconds in full color. Moreover, on the MX-4051/3551/3051/2651, it is 4.7 seconds in B/W and 6.7 seconds in full color.

Intermediate Toner Hopper for Continuous Runs

There's no need to stop a Sharp MFP during large-volume copy or print jobs when the toner cartridge needs changing. For example, the MX-6051/5051 can use toner from the toner hopper to continue printing while the empty toner cartridge is replaced with a new one.

Versatile Paper Handling

Most Sharp MFP's paper trays accommodate a wide variety of paper, in sizes up to SRA3 and weights up to 300 g/m². Moreover, the machine can handle extra-long paper up to 1,300 mm. In addition to plain paper, these MFPs can accommodate a number of other paper types. This includes coated, textured, embossed, and removable adhesive paper. Enveloped can be fed via a standard paper tray. As a result, you can print more of them at once. However, Sharp recommends using the optional MX-LT10 for this functionality.

High-Efficiency Scanning

Some Sharp MFPs have a standard equipped 100-sheet reversing single pass feed (RSPF). It efficiently feeds in either one- or two-sided originals. As a result, this enables the MFP to complete large jobs with a scanning speed of up to 80 opm (originals per minute, one-sided) for both color and B/W documents.

More Automation

You can tap on the LCD touchscreen's Auto Set button to have the MFP perform a host of actions automatically. It can reorient pages mixed in upside down. Moreover, you can skip blank pages in a multi-page document. You can also determine scan resolution. Some MFPs can also tell whether a document being scanned is color or B/W. If it is B/W it can automatically select the optimal setting for text-monochrome or greyscale. Moreover, you can adjust skewed documents so you don't have to re-scan them.

Multiple Scan Destinations

Scanned documents can be sent in a number of ways. For example, the documents can be sent as email attachments. They can also be scanned directly to an FTP server for storage. A compact PDF function ensures that PDF files are sent and received smoothly. However, this requires the optional MX-EB19 on some models. When you're also scanning large-volume documents, the MFP saves the data on its hard disk. Then it generates a URL for accessing that data. You can them email recipients this URL rather than the full document. As a result, this reduces load on the mail server.

Convert Documents

This comes with the optional MX-EB20. OCR capability on MFPs with MX-EB20 lets you convert a scanned document into a searchable PDF file. You also have the option to convert it into an editable Office Open XML (docx, xlsx, pptx) file. This means you can do fast text searches even with large-volume documents. As a result, you can easily copy and paste text data into other applications.

Multicrop and Image Crop Functions

You can scan multiple receipts, photos, and other items all at once. Moreover, you can save each one as a separate file. This helps you streamline the filing of receipts and bills. Sharp MFPs can also crop photos from documents such as magazine pages and save them as individual files.

Open Systems Architecture (OSA)

Sharp OSA technology allows you to interact with intra-company systems. This also includes network applications. These can be accessed right from the LCD control panel. Moreover, since Sharp OSA utilizes industry-standard network protocols, the MFP can easily integrate with third-party document management systems. Integration can also be done with enterprise resource planning software, workflow applications, and more. The latest version of OSA can reach beyond the firewall. As a result, this enables extensive system construction as well as services delivered over the internet.

Multi-Layered Security

The following are some of the impressive features that boost Sharp MFP security:
  • Document Control (requires the optional MX-FR62U) prevents unauthorized use of confidential documents by embedding copy prevention data in them.
  • Hidden Pattern Copy/Print embeds a watermark, such as "Confidential" or "Not for Copy", onto a document.
  • Tracking Information Print prints the MFP user's name, the date, job ID, and other specifics on printouts.
  • S/MIME provides secure email communications when emailing scanned data.
  • SSL (secure sockets layer) and IPsec data encryption technologies ensure secure network communications.
  • User Authentication covering up to 1,000 users prevents unauthorized MFP use by requiring access passwords.
  • Active Directory enables integrated management of user credentials, thereby providing a highly secure and efficient environment for system admins.
  • Whitelisting protects the MFP from fraudulent programs trying to access the file system and obtain information.
  • Image Job Log creates and externally stores an image file (PDF) and a log file (XML) for each job. This helps identify unauthorized use of the MFP.

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