What You Should Know Before You Rent A Copy Machine

If you rent a copy machine, you may be at risk for a major security breach or downtime.

Many of these copy machines just had a great day at the beach or spent the last two weeks in a dusty construction trailer. The truth is these copiers could have been anywhere before they showed up at your doorstep.
Copier Rentals in Miami aren't always bad news, but it's important to remember that though your obligation to the company that rents that copier to you is limited, so too is the obligations of that copier rental company to you. If you Must rent a copier here's a couple of tips to keep close when signing your rental agreement.
  1. Always ask about "Overages" These are typically hidden charges that can quickly balloon your payment if you are not careful
  2. Delivery: This will depend on the company and Your location. (In Miami and Ft.Lauderdale we do not charge for delivery on a copier lease, but do with a copy machine rental)
  3. Setup: This is actually something that you can outsource and save money. Most Copier rental companies do not specialize in temporary network setups or ahoc networks)
  4. Downtime: Always ask about the guaranteed response time if the copier rental company has one. A good response time would be 6 hours or less.
  5. Return fee: Many potential customers never ask this, but IS the return fee included in the delivery charge?
Renting a copier in Miami may serve it's purpose for small events with non-secure printing and copying, but it should not be a substitute for long term use. Flat Rate Copiers guarantees approval for all of our leases. We have free delivery and setup and you guessed it a 6 hour response time. Ask us about our guaranteed approval for small to medium businesses in South Florida.