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What you should know before you rent a copy machine

If you rent a copy machine, you may be at risk for a major security breach or downtime.

Not too unlike renting a car you’re almost always going to get a high milage machine that is anything but reliable. Many of these copy machines just had a great day at the beach or spent the last two weeks in a dusty construction trailer. The truth is these copiers could have been anywhere before they showed up at your doorstep. Unfortunately that’s not all, once you’ve completed your rental all of your scanned and printed documents now have a home on the same hard drive as it’s passed to the next company, expo, or construction company.

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Ricoh Photocopier

On comparing your conventional photo copy machine with an advanced technology Ricoh photocopier, you would find that you are working with an age old technology that requires much labor, power, maintenance and raw material. A quick comparison between the two machines is sufficient to highlight the inability of conventional machine in handling the work pressure. […]

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Renting and Leasing Copiers

        Whether you are a smaller, developing business or an already established one, multifunction copiers play an important role in many businesses.  So should you buy a copier, or rent or lease one?  Which option will save you the most money while best meeting your business needs?  And what about the fine […]

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best multifunction printer

How to find the best multifunction printer

Finding the best  multifunction printer is a great solution for  anyone looking to have the convenience of copying, scanning, and printing at  their fingertips or looking to turn a small home work space into a functional  home office. Printer manufacturers are constantly  adding new features to their models. When choosing the best multifunction printer it is important to compare their capabilities and functions. Here […]

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