Canon Printer & Photocopier Repair Services in Miami - A modern office setup featuring a high-efficiency copier machine next to a desk with a computer, surrounded by large windows and natural light.Canon Copier Repair in Miami

For the past decade Flat Rate Copiers has offered Canon copier repair in Miami. When considering Canon copier repair services there are typically a couple of options in Miami. There’s the pay-per-call tech and the service contract agreement. The pay-per-call tech initially seems like a great way to save on copier repair, but it’s actually much more expensive even in the short term. The average Canon copier repair in Miami cost $125/hour, and this doesn’t include any parts. Once you make that call, the tech will typically include the first hour, but troubleshooting the issue may take hours. Before you know it, you’ve spend $450 for a couple of hours and a drum replacement.
We offer copier repair and service contracts in Miami and South Florida. If you have have a color Canon printer or Cannon Copier that is in need of repair please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Canon Copier Servicing

Our techs specialize canon copier servicing. Each copier tech is trained on copier repair for the most popular Canon copier models. Working with certified Canon Techs is especially important when it comes to servicing your copier.
One notable fact is that Canon copiers are very unique to most other copiers. They are well engineered to exceed high performance imaging, printing, and copying needs of their customers. That’s great when it comes to high quality prints, however this is in many cases a double edge sword. Cannon copier IR Advance copiers are unique enough to have fewer aftermarket parts and are at times over engineered. So a minor fix might cost hundreds and even thousands for parts and labor. Canon copier servicing is not a cheap route to take. When properly maintained it’s almost impossible to beat these copiers. If your are looking for the best copier repair in Miami please click here.

Copier Repair

Take the stress out of copier repair and call us today to get your office back online and printing. If you haven’t already considered a copier lease, it’s a great time to get an instant quote on our website. Copier repair can cost hundreds from the first visit and there’s actually no guarantee on how long it will be before the next drum or fuser roller needs to be replaced.


Every Manufacture designs their copiers and printers to produce a yield for each component, drum, fuser, and IT belt. When leasing a copier replacing these parts are included in the routine of preventative maintenance. Staying ahead of copier own time is the key to avoiding costly copier repair. Another reason owning and repairing your copier is not feasible is the cost per part and the average labor costs locally. Copier repair techs are almost never under $100/hr and dealers quote $250 /hour for just labor. It’s important to consider this before you call your local Canon Service Center for your next repair. Canon service center dealers will likely even increase the estimate to discourage you from even considering repairing the copier and push you towards getting in to a new lease.

Going Beyond Canon Copier Repair in Miami

We recently we expanded to the largest city in the US (New York, New York, Manhattan) Most of our high volume customers in the NYC and New Jersey area are used to seeing very high prices for leases or repair.
Historically, most copier leasing companies do not have prices available online and this make it very difficult to compare rates and lease pricing. Now you can generate your own quote and stay within your office budget.
If you own or lease a Canon copier and are interested in reducing your monthly cost, please feel free to contact us for a free quote. You can also submit a request to inspect your copier to determine if your existing copier is eligible for our Canon copier service contract HERE.
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