Sign a Copier Lease with Flat Rate Copiers: Best Rates & Terms

Copier Lease with Flat Rate Copiers

Flat Rate Copiers provides efficient copier leasing services to businesses that seek competitive and practical copier lease rates with no hidden charges. We love working with start-ups, small and medium businesses. If you are considering whether to buy or lease a copier, here are some key points we tell our valued customers:


If a copy machine is an integral, permanent utility for your business, copier leasing is the way to go. Here at Flat Rate Copiers, we understand the demand for efficient office printing. Give your business the best office printing experience with our collection of reliable copy machines.


Printing costs can be shocking by the time you wrap up your financial audit. If printing is an essential value-added tool for your business but it is hurting your finances, there lies the problem. Most commercial copy machines are expensive. You have to consider whether a one-time payment for a unit is feasible. Next, buying a copier might seem like a swift solution but problems usually arise afterwards. Above all, depreciation is inevitable. This is when Flat Rate Copiers comes in. We love helping you stay on track with your finances with a copier lease. Our copier lease will ease your projected costs over time. Instead of spending a hefty amount on a one-time purchase, our copier lease will spread that cost over a term of 24 months or more. You can check out our Instant Online Quote for an overview of our copier lease rates.


There are a lot of things that manufacturers don’t tell you and warranty is one of them. For example, copy machine manufacturers will always include warranty as a selling point but will be limited to a one-year term. After your warranty expires, you are left to take care of repairs and supply consumable parts like drums and toners. To lease a copier, as what we say to our customers, is like extending your warranty with more value-added services. We got you covered on toners, parts and labor, repair, and maintenance. Did we say we also customize our copy leasing services to your business’ specific printing needs? Yes, we do.


At Flat Rate Copiers, we like transparency. Businesses are sometimes dissuaded to partner with copier leasing companies because of usage limits. They always result to unpleasant surprises in your bills. We hate them, too. Our copier leasing rates are designed with no overage penalties. If you are already over your copier lease’s monthly usage limit, we only charge for a flat rate of $0.01/B&W print and $0.06/color print, thus the name.


We only work with the best printer brands for you. Our track record shows that over the years, these are the printer brands that the best businesses chose: canon copier lease Our combined experience with these brands gives you the expertise needed for your company's printing needs.


What We Offer:

  • New equipment: FRC has your choice of multifunctional, high-end copiers and reliable, affordable copy machines. Get a new brand name copier with an FRC copier lease.
  • Instant Quote, Transparency and Cost: FRC calculates the cost of copier leases upfront based on usage and interest. Get an instant quote of a copy machine lease now.
  • No Overage Penalties: Over the copier lease’s monthly usage limits? FRC charges a flat rate for the overage ($0.01/B&W print; $0.06/color print). No surprises in your bills!
  • Guaranteed Approval: FRC guarantees approval of all FRC copy machine leases.
  • Quick Delivery & Installation: Once a copier lease is signed by the customer, FRC delivers and sets up the copier within 3-5 business days at no additional cost.
  • Preventative Maintenance & Supplies: FRC includes regular maintenance and supplies, like toner, in its copier leases at no additional cost.
  • Repair Services: FRC guarantees a same day, less than 4-hour response time for unexpected repairs. Moreover, FRC includes all parts and labor in the copy machine lease. FRC has certified technicians who are experts with all copier brands to handle repairs.
  • Buyout Option: Most FRC customers upgrade their copiers after 2 or 3 years. FRC offers buyout options for customers who wish to own the copier after the lease ends.

Why Copier Lease and Not Rent?

It is a common misconception that leasing is the same as renting. In a copier leasing perspective, the two terms are widely different. It all boils down to commitment. A 36-month copier lease, for example, is like your business’ insurance. Copy machine rental tends to be short-term and most companies send out copy machine units across state lines. There is also no guarantee that the printer rent comes with a brand-new unit. Printer rental is just what it is. You are only renting the unit. There are no additional services. Sometimes, you will be liable to usage terms. In many ways, printer rental is a short-term liability. There are rental agreements that last for only 30 days. This is not viable if you keep on repeating this tedious process for at least twelve times a year.

Stability vs flexibility

Some say that printer rental offers flexibility. You can make business decisions after a month's rental agreement. In the context of copy machines, this is not viable. Office printing is lifeblood for most businesses. What your business needs is stability. Moreover, a rental agreement is susceptible to changes on the terms. There will be instances that in the next month of your rental agreement, the rental company will add or remove clauses on the terms. You will be in the difficult position to accept the new terms and adjust. You can't trade stability to flexibility. A copier lease protects you from these changes. Terms will not be changed for the duration of the lease. Office uptime will be guaranteed. At Flat Rate Copiers, we also give you the option for a brand-new copy machine with a copier lease. For instance, we only use the best printer brands in the industry. Printer rent also doesn’t come with repair or maintenance. When you commit to a copier lease with us, our certified technicians are always ready for same day repair service, on-the-clock preventative maintenance, toner supply, and many more. Printer rental companies have limited services. These are usually short-term and are only available in the span of your rental agreement. Their commitment is as short as the rental period you signed up for. Leasing a copy machine with us also comes with tax incentives. For instance, lease payments would qualify your business for certain tax deductions. Finally, to lease a copier with Flat Rate Copiers is to reward your business with real office solutions and effective financial management. When you commit to a copier lease with us, we commit to you every step of the way.  

Consult with Flat Rate Copiers

We love brainstorming. We love talking about printers. Moreover, if you are still unsure on how to move forward with your business’ printing solutions, we are always available to talk. Most of our valued clients committed to copier leasing after sharing our passion for this industry. Consultation with our experts also gives you the option for customization. Every office has different printing needs. Paper sizes, print amounts, cost per print, workgroups, colors, toner yield, you name it. Share to us the details and we’d love to plan out how everything works for you. We’d love to answer your questions. Call us now at 877-781-5112.