Copier Lease Dallas: Don’t Miss Out in 2021

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Copier Lease in Dallas TX

Big offices are choosing a copier lease in Dallas, TX. If you are an office manager or a business owner, you should consider a copier lease. Let's say that your monthly print is at a 2000 prints on average or more, then leasing a copier will be beneficial in the long run. We can compare this cost to buying a copier machine upfront. You can release a budget of around $9000 or more, depending on your desired model. Furthermore, there will be add-ons that you should consider. It is arguably an expensive purchase.
We're still not talking about maintenance of the said copy machine. You will still have to take care of resupplying consumable parts, doing repair, and providing maintenance. You can imagine this expense on top of the copier's price tag.
On the other hand a copier lease can spread that cost over a long period of time, depending on your desired lease term. In a sense, you can use what's left of your $9000 budget on other business investments.
Now, with a copier lease, we take care of the consumable parts. Moreover, we do on-the-clock repair and preventive maintenance. The difference is from a $9000 copier plus expenses on toner and parts to a lease that starts at $149 a month. Subtract that amount and that's the money that you could use for other business investments.

What's good about a copier lease in Dallas?

Many successful companies prefer financing than spending a good sum on essential services such as copy machines. Long-term plans have long-term benefits. This is the reason why law firms, healthcare companies, federal and state agencies prefer long-term office solutions such as a copier lease. The bottom line is sustainability, like how Konica Minolta improved their multifunction printers to support businesses' sustainability goals. Keeping the business afloat is hard work. Choosing better options to sustain the business is smart work. Sustainability is not a mere concept that companies should practice. It is tangible. Your company can feel its effects: from sourcing supplies, commodities, human relations, and in this case, office solutions. A copier lease greatly improves your company's sustainability.

Copier Lease vs Buy Scenario:

Let's take this scenario for example. Your company invests on a desktop printer. Now, your monthly printing averages on 2000 prints. It is expected that your printer will malfunction. Desktop printers are not built for the amount of printing that you do per month. Next, your printer finally gave up. Consequently, your company just decides to scrap this unit and buy a new one. You think that this is just operational hazard. Your company does this same process for at least four times a year. You are convinced that this operational hazard is something that your company has to sacrifice. However, constantly replacing your printer will hurt you in the long run. It is not an operational hazard. This is an example of unsustainable practice. How long are you going to put up with malfunctioning desktop printers?

Bottom line:

Sustainability depends on the choices your company makes on a micro and macro level. How long your business stays on track relies on how you value this concept. A copier lease saves you from spending money purchasing a desktop printer for how many times a year. It saves you from expenses that are entirely avoidable. In the example above, there are instances that you will spend more money on repair. Then the technician will tell you that it's not possible. Now, you have to buy a new one. You still have to pay the technician's hourly rate and you still have to buy a new printer. The math is simple and obvious. A copier lease means better sustainability.

A copier lease helps you achieve a sustainable future. Get a lease with Flat Rate Copiers now.

What We Offer:

  • New equipment: FRC has your choice of multifunctional, high-end copiers and reliable, affordable copy machines. Get a new brand name copier with an FRC copier lease.
  • Instant Quote, Transparency and Cost: FRC calculates the cost of copier leases upfront based on usage and interest. Get an instant quote of a copy machine lease now.
  • No Overage Penalties: Over the copier lease’s monthly usage limits? FRC charges a flat rate for the overage ($0.01/B&W print; $0.06/color print). No surprises in your bills!
  • Guaranteed Approval: FRC guarantees approval of all FRC copy machine leases.
  • Quick Delivery & Installation: Once a copier lease is signed by the customer, FRC delivers and sets up the copier within 3-5 business days at no additional cost.
  • Preventative Maintenance & Supplies: FRC includes regular maintenance and supplies, like toner, in its copier leases at no additional cost.
  • Repair Services: FRC guarantees a same day, less than 4-hour response time for unexpected repairs. Moreover, FRC includes all parts and labor in the copy machine lease. FRC has certified technicians who are experts with all copier brands to handle repairs.
  • Buyout Option: Most FRC customers upgrade their copiers after 2 or 3 years. FRC offers buyout options for customers who wish to own the copier after the lease ends.
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More incentives

Copier leasing provides a distinct tax advantage over copier purchasing. If you buy a copier, you may only deduct the machine's depreciation, which is typically 40 percent of the purchasing price the first year and then 25 percent of the purchasing price in subsequent years. However, if you lease a copier, the lease payment is considered a pretax business expense, meaning you can deduct the entire payment each time it's made.
Changes in interest rates also do not affect the established payment amounts. There will be no sudden changes on our signed agreement over the course of the leasing period.

Your lease with us gives you access to our same-day repair service. We guarantee a 3-4 hour response time. Moreover, we deploy certified technicians to get things done. Don't call another repair tech. Instead, call Flat Rate Copiers at 877-781-5112.
Gain access to our 24/7 phone support once you sign a lease with us. Talk to our experts and ask any questions.
Avoid repair scams if you sign a lease with Flat Rate Copiers. Our lease gives you transparency and security. We deploy certified copier repair technicians for you. Moreover, our combined 50 years of experience and expertise in the field gives us the edge and confidence that we get things done.

Be the Office Hero

Our customers saved up to 40% from printing expenses once they signed a lease with us. Be the office hero as you bring copier leasing to your office. Reward your business with long-term benefits of a lease with Flat Rate Copiers.
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