Copier Lease vs Buy: To Lease or Buy a Copy Machine in 2021?

Copier Lease vs Buy: 6 Reasons Why Copier Leasing is Better in 2021

The copier lease vs buy debate has been raging on for quite some time. A lot of arguments were thrown into the internet to convince you to switch sides. While many sites take a dip into this conversation, businesses are left confused. There is still no definitive answer whether leasing or buying is better. However, the previous year may have ended this conversation.
The year 2020 was a bumpy ride especially for businesses. With lockdowns pulling down the global economy, businesses were on the edge of financial crisis. Businesses were faced with challenges to maintain their daily operations. This included office solutions that proved inefficient in the face of a looming economic crisis. Companies realized the things that worked and did not.
The start of 2021 saw a slow economic recovery. As a result, businesses became smarter. This included smart choices on effective office solutions. One of which is a copier lease. Law firms, government agencies, hospitals, start-ups and more successful companies prefer a copier lease than buying a copy machine.
We can talk about a lot of reasons why a copier lease is far better than buying a copier but let's narrow it down to six simple arguments.
The start of 2021 saw a slow economic recovery. As a result, businesses became smarter.

Here are Six Reasons why Copier Lease Wins:

1. Better and Smarter Financing

Buying a printer upfront for your office comes with a pretty hefty price tag. With a copier lease you can spread that same cost over 24 months or so, depending on your desired lease term. Now, you might wonder about interest. Flat Rate Copiers only charges customers with interest rates as low as five per cent.
Your copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers means smarter financing for your business. The value of the copy machine is not the only cost that we can spread over time. We take into consideration the costs on consumable parts, printer repair, maintenance, and so on. Projecting these costs over a period of 24 months or longer makes copier lease a valuable deal for your business. The bottom line is that copier leasing will give you the most bang for your buck. It is sensibly cheaper than buying a copier upfront.
Moreover, Flat Rate Copiers have in-house financing to help you get started. We work with financing companies that will guide you through the whole process. Our copier lease service will start smoothly once the deal is done.

2. Better Sustainability

Most successful companies prefer financing than spending bulk on essential services such as copy machines. Long-term plans have long-term benefits. This is the reason why law firms, healthcare companies, federal and state agencies prefer long-term office solutions such as a copier lease. The bottom line is sustainability. Keeping the business afloat is hard work. Choosing better options to sustain the business is smart work.
Sustainability is not a mere concept that companies should practice. It is tangible. Your company can feel its effects: from sourcing supplies, commodities, human relations, and in this case, office solutions. A copier lease greatly improves your company's sustainability.

Copier Lease Vs. Buy Scenario:

Let's take a scenario for example. Your company invests on a desktop printer. Now, your monthly printing averages on 2000 prints. It is expected that your printer will malfunction. Desktop printers are not built for the amount of printing that you do per month. Next, your printer finally gave up. Consequently, your company just decides to scrap this unit and buy a new one. You think that this is just operational hazard. Your company does this same process for at least four times a year. You are convinced that this operational hazard is something that your company has to sacrifice. However, constantly replacing your printer will hurt you in the long run. It is not an operational hazard. This is an example of unsustainable practice. How long are you going to put up with malfunctioning desktop printers?

Bottom Line:

Sustainability depends on the choices your company makes on a micro and macro level. How long your business stays on track relies on how you value this concept. A copier lease saves you from spending money purchasing a desktop printer for how many times a year. It saves you from expenses that are entirely avoidable. In the example above, there are instances that you will spend more money on repair. Then the technician will tell you that it's not possible. Now, you have to buy a new one. You still have to pay the technician's hourly rate and you still have to buy a new printer.
The math is simple and obvious. A copier lease means better sustainability.

3. Better Copier Machine Upkeep

There are a thousand moving parts of a copy machine. Maintaining good condition on these parts is our job. As you sign a copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers, we manage all aspects of printer upkeep for you.
We take care of consumable parts like drums and toners. Moreover, we perform monthly visits to make sure our copy machines are in good condition. We troubleshoot any printer issue. Finally, you can say goodbye to micromanaging your office's printing needs.
Printer upkeep is a complex process. Our 50-year combined experience in this industry makes us proficient in printer maintenance. Your copier lease with us grants you exclusive access to the expertise that we nurtured over the years. Our certified technicians will be at your disposal.
TIP: If your business has over 50 employees, you can avail our VIP Enterprise Support. This includes multiple monthly visits from our specialists and hands-on management on the copy machines. Take advantage of our 24/7 phone support and guaranteed same-day service.
Choosing better options to sustain the business is smart work.

4. Better Copier Repair Service

Our certified technicians know the ins and outs of a copy machine. We work with the best printer brands. For example, if you choose to lease a Canon printer with us, we deploy technicians who are experts in Canon printer repairs. Instead of paying an hourly rate for a printer technician, we will deploy our technicians with no charges whatsoever.
A lot of companies fell victim to repair scams. Most technicians charge an expensive hourly rate regardless if your issue is fixed or not. Some technicians order parts that they guarantee could fix your problem. More often than not they won't resolve the issue. As a result, you end up spending more fixing a unit than even buying a new one.
You won't have to spend an extra dime for a copier repair service with us. Your copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers explicitly covers repair and maintenance. We also have our 24/7 phone support. You can talk to our experts over the phone. If you will request a technician on site, we guarantee a three to four-hour same-day response. We make sure any printer malfunction won't get in the way of your work.
Moreover, a copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers means personalization. We can customize our copy machines service to your office needs. We got you covered on monthly print usage, color prints, setting up workgroups, and more. If your business considers being energy-friendly, we also have our eco-friendly units available for lease. Most copier manufacturers are integrating eco-friendly features on newer printer models.

5. Better Office Uptime

A malfunctioning printer can ruin a rather good day in the office. Documents in the printer queue pile up as you brainstorm how to fix it. You desperately search on Google "printer repair near me" and you are presented with tons of expensive options. While all of these happen, your office work comes into standstill and possibly costs you money. You end up with pending signatures, communication, notices. A copier lease saves your office from costly downtime. For instance, we perform preventative maintenance on our copy machines to make sure malfunctions are lessened in the first place. But if a printer goes awry, we can easily deploy our technicians. We are always one call away. Finally, a copier lease results in optimized office uptime.
Better office uptime means better productivity. Say goodbye to late documents pending signatures, contracts that need to be forwarded, memos that need to be circulated. We make sure your office printing will be flawless.

6. Better Tax Incentives

Once you sign a copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers, the copier lease will be categorized as a business expense. As a result, there will be considerable tax deductions for your business. An owned copy machine is a taxable property. A copier lease gives you better tax incentives such as this.
Let us take over so you can do your work.

Copier Lease vs Buy: Conclusion

In conclusion, a copier lease far outweighs buying a copy machine in a smart financing perspective. As you spread printing costs over time, your business gains better sustainability. Leasing a copier rewards your business with better copier service and printer upkeep. You can say goodbye to sketchy and expensive repair technicians. Moreover, a copier lease keeps you on track with your work. Office uptime will be at an all time high. A copier lease will also grant you tax incentives.
This year will prove to be challenging. However, smart companies equip their businesses with effective office solutions. They are already steps ahead come what may.

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