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Best Copier Lease in Aventura, FL

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Get A Copier Lease in Aventura, FL 

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We provide copy, print, and scanning solutions for growing companies looking for a Commercial copier lease or copier service in Aventura, FL  & nearby places.


Printers and Copiers are things that are generally taken for granted until they need hefty maintenance. Only then we realize how much we all are dependent on this machine. However, getting a copier on lease in Aventura, FL is more affordable than buying a new one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. In case you have settled on leasing, then the following tips might be helpful when it comes to picking up the best copier in your office.

Copiers are considered to be very important for every office, regardless of how much you lean on sharing your documents digitally. Somehow, there are several things you need to keep in mind when looking for the Xerox machine on lease in Aventura, but the first thing here you need to do is research!  Always remember the requirements of your office as well as the budget allotted and the terms of the contract.

Follow are the 4 amazing tips when thinking to Lease photo copier machine in Aventura:


Assessing Your Office Requirements

Always look for the production-related requirements of your office, along with the number of staff using the machine. Not to forget, the size of your business and growth you expect are also the factors that you must consider before getting a copier on lease in Aventura, FL. So, once you know what your requirements are, look for the brand reviews and the user recommendations of a particular company.

Understanding the Types of Copier Lease

There are two types of lease:

  • Operating lease: This involves the upfront renting of the copier. Here, you will get many options to buy the copier when the Lease photo copier machine expires. But, the costs of buying the copier may include the depreciation along with wear and tear. However, this is one of the very common types of the lease that offers you easy monthly payments.

Capital Lease:  This is a less common type of a lease, but has many advantages as compared to operating lease. A capital lease is a small loan that comes with the principal and interest amounts. Also, the final buying price will be done as agreed and mentioned in the contract.


Create your own Quote

Create your own Quote

This is our pride and joy! Who has to time wait for proposals for a copier lease, Get prices instantly. You can either build your own copier or select one of our Sale multifunction copiers

Guaranteed Approval

Guaranteed Approval

Whether you are a startup, small business, or established enterprise company. We offer a wide range of affordable copier lease and copier service options.

Same Day Copier Repair Service

Same Day Copier Repair Service

Same. Day. Service. Music to your ears... When it comes to copier leasing and copier repair service we know it's important to have a reliable support team.



Leasing A Copier Machine in Aventura, FL 


a copier on lease in Aventura

Settling Onto the Contractual Terms

The contract while getting a Xerox machine on lease is very important. Remember, the monthly payment will help you to settle onto your monthly payments, rate of interest (if taken on capital lease), and depreciation.  Generally, a lease term is between 3-5 years.

Additionally, the copier on lease in Aventura, FL also comes with a service agreement. The terms of this type of agreement is a little different from the lease and it can also be negotiated. Service agreements are commonly based on the number of copies the machine will produce each month. Here, the more requirement and production your copier handles, the more costly your service agreement would be.

Clear the Concerns you have

In case you have any sort of doubts or concerns, just make sure to clarify and verify them much before time, especially before you sign and settle your deal. The process of getting a copier on a lease can be a little complicated. Therefore, you should not sign any agreement without reviewing the pointers mentioned. Always make sure that you are well-aware of any hidden fees, insurance or damage covers, taxes, renewal clause before you select a machine for your office.

Last Words: 

Getting a copier on lease in Aventura, FL can be very cost-effective and well-suited for any office. Therefore, assess the production requirements of your office and look out for the reviews of various Xerox machine models. Consider the type of lease you want to go for as per your needs and then process it further as your priority demands. You can always use our guide to get started while selecting the best copier on lease for your various business needs.