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If you are an office manager searching for "where to print near me", you just came across an opportunity.

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You can now stop worrying and frantically searching in Google "where to print near me" every time your office needs printing. A copier lease is an opportunity you don't want to miss.  

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If you are interested in signing a copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers, we recommend you to go through our Instant Online Quote to explore your options. For a guide on how to use our Instant Online Quote, refer to this article.

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where to print near me

How can a copier lease help your business?

It is 2021 and businesses are smarter. Law firms, government agencies, clinics, and non-profit organizations share a common practice: copier lease. Not only does it give you the most bang for your buck but it also offers a wide range of services. Business owners always find ways to stretch their budget. In a nutshell, a copier lease spreads the cost of buying a copier upfront to a longer period. At Flat Rate Copiers, we offer leasing from 24 to 60 months. Moreover, a lease entitles you to a Maintenance Agreement. It is our job to make sure our copy machines won't get in the way of your work. You won't have this option when buying a copy machine upfront. Repair and maintenance will be a separate expense.

Still searching for "where to print near me"? Say goodbye to it now

Be the office hero when you introduce copier leasing to your office. If printing, scanning, copying, and faxing documents are essential parts of your business, you are in the right place. Flat Rate Copiers offers copier leasing and financing to small and medium businesses.where to print near me It is not your fault. Many offices start with a low print volume. As your business grows so does the demand for printing. Searching for nearby printing companies won't be viable anymore. Moreover, if you are planning on buying desktop printers, it is another ball game. Desktop printers are good if your office's monthly printing average is less than a thousand. Now, if you are averaging on 2000 prints or more, then these desktop printers will start having troubles. They can't keep up with the volume of your office printing. We recommend our high-capacity multifunction printers for your office. These units can easily accommodate the volume you produce every month. Once you sign a copier lease with us, you will be presented with a wide collection of these copy machines. We also have several customers who came from printer rental agreements. These agreements are widely different from our copier lease. First, these printer rentals are short-term. Most of these agreements last for 30 days. Moreover, rental companies are not obligated to service your units or perform maintenance. Their obligation is just limited to the rental period. Often times their focus is on charging their customers per print. Now, a copier lease requires commitment since it will be a long-term deal. No changes will be made on the agreement for the duration of the lease unlike rental agreements. You are entitled to a Maintenance Agreement for the entire lease period.

It's not just about toners

Some may say that the copier business all boils down to toner cost. A copy machine has a thousand moving parts. Each part makes sure that your office won't suffer any downtime. Industry leaders don't just take into account the toner costs. We share a specific mentality: cost per print. Tracking your cost per print is the accurate way of knowing your office's printing expenses. Try our Instant Online Quote and see the expenses included in your lease. where to print near meYour cost per print considers the following:


This mainly covers toners. A low supply of toner may result to the other parts of a copy machine wearing down. We supply toners for your units with a copier lease. If you tried our Instant Online Quote, we included this in the quote summary.


A copy machine consists of parts such as rollers, fusers, waste toner bottles, filters, belts, and a thousand parts more. Each part has an estimated life called yield. Some parts, such as drums, have an estimated yield of 30,000 prints before they need to be replaced. It is part of our work to monitor the parts and their yields. We also make sure to replace, repair, and resupply these parts.


Our service requires skilled technicians to do the work. On average, technicians are paid $80/hour for their service. Some even go as high as $250/hour. Moreover, you have to pay for parts when you're not on a copier lease. This costs around $100 per part. A technician can install this part in an hour on average. However, you don't have to worry about these costs with a copier lease. These services are already included in your monthly bill. You won't have to spend an extra dime on expensive copier service again.

Office downtime

This one is a bummer. Office downtime is the killer on your cost per print. How long is your office work stalled while the copier is not working? For how many hours are your employees on downtime? What's the cost of every employee on downtime per hour? What are the tasks that are pending? What's the cost of late documents, memos, invoices, notices? Overall, what's the cost of revenue lost due to a day's downtime? This sure is a head scratcher. A copier lease saves you from this hassle. Our preventative maintenance does exactly what it means. We prevent and lessen office downtime. We make sure our copy machines are in pristine condition so they won't get in the way of your work. In instances that your copier goes awry, we can deploy our certified technicians right away. We guarantee a three-hour response time.

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Flat Rate Copiers will help you maintain low cost per print. Take advantage of our 24/7 phone support. Talk to our experts for any of your concerns.

Same-day copier repair service

We are proud to offer same-day response time on repairs. You don't have to call and wait for a repair technician that will bill you an expensive hourly rate. Our same-day response time covers calls made on the start of working day up until three to four hours before our offices close. We make sure to deploy our certified technicians at the soonest time possible. You won't get this kind of service with a printer rental agreement or sourcing a repair company. They are not obligated to respond to your support call on the same day.

Flat rate per print

Some copier leasing companies charge their customers with overage penalties. Their focus is charging you with per print costs once you go over your usage limit. In a sense, they are penalizing you for going over your limit. At Flat Rate Copiers, we don't charge overage penalties. We don't hide extra charges on your bill. Once you have fully consumed your monthly limit, we only charge a flat rate per print of $0.01/B&W print and $0.06/color print, thus the name. There will be no surprises from us when we send our invoices.

Preventive maintenance

We make sure to stay ahead of any likely issue. Our certified technicians perform preventive maintenance to keep your office in 99% uptime. This is our way of giving you your money's worth and doing the extra mile. Moreover, this helps us keep track of our units' status and condition.

Avoid repair scams

We have several customers and prospect clients who fell victim to repair scams. Unfortunately, there isn't really one way of knowing if a technician is true to his claims of expertise. He can be one of those guys who blindly troubleshoots your issue then concludes that your whole unit needs to be replaced. Before you know it you have a bill that costs twice as much as a new copy machine. where to print near me There are a lot of sketchy folks out there and businesses are vulnerable. A copier lease protects you from these kinds of incidents. Our technicians are certified and we have a combined 50 years of experience in the industry. Flat Rate Copiers started in 2010 with a vision of helping small and medium businesses with their printing needs. We continue to achieve this vision. Our copier lease guarantees transparency in our rates. Moreover, we are all about results. We make sure to get down to the bottom of the issue and guarantee that no time is wasted. We value office uptime just like you.  
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