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Choosing between a desktop printer and a commercial printer

If you are an office manager searching for "printer repair near me", read this article before calling a printing company.
Smart business owners choose to "hire" a printer than buying a new one. In some cases, businesses invest in copier leasing. There are a lot of things to consider but it is mainly an economical choice. Now, if your office is printing at 2000 prints per month or more, you might want to consider a lease.
However, before all this, you might be asking what kind of printer is fit for your office. Should your business buy a desktop printer or hire a commercial one? Let's dive into some points to consider in choosing between the two.
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A desktop printer is an actual piece of hardware including laser and ink jet printers. Homes and small businesses have this kind of printer. These units can perfectly fit in office cubicles and tables. Moreover, these printers are designed for small spaces and small prints. There are also larger floor-model desktop printers. Desktop printers are available in a wide range of prices based on size and features.
A commercial printer is essentially a business that specializes in commercial printing. It is a whole other thing in its simplest terms. But if you are talking about a large copier you see in most offices, then we will focus on that. These commercial printers or the large copy machines you see in offices can either be purchased or leased through companies like Flat Rate Copiers.
You have to consider the amount of printing that your whole business does monthly. If it exceeds 2000 prints, then a copy machine is fit for you.
The bottom line between choosing a desktop printer or a commercial one is usage and volume. However, if you are a savvy businessman that thinks long-term, you might want to consider investing in a copier lease. If your business continues to grow so does your usage and volume. Your desktop printers will practically be useless. It will be a hassle getting rid of those. We're not even talking about repairing them every time they break down!


There are some things to consider if you're planning on buying a desktop printer. You should take into account the price of laser and ink jet cartridges or refills. Moreover, take into account the price of replacing a drum. There is also the price of maintenance and repair, the price of the paper, and so on. Also consider that desktop printers have a short lifespan. Consequently, if your printing average is at 2000 or more, your desktop printer is bound to break down. These printers are not designed for that kind of printing volume.
Commercial printers are a juggernaut when it comes to maintenance, too. However, a copier lease with Flat Rate Copiers saves you from micromanaging these things. We take care of repairs and maintenance. Our maintenance agreement covers supplies on consumable parts. We also customize our service based on your monthly usage and volume. Your lease with us will spread all of these expenses. There will be no upfront charges whatsoever. Overage penalties? Forget about that. We only charge you a flat rate for every print above your usage limit.


As mentioned above, desktop printers are not designed for heavy usage and volume. They will break down inevitably. Naturally, you will be tempted to just buy another desktop printer. You'd think that it is just operational hazard. However, this routine is not ideal in the long run. How many times will you have to replace these desktop printers? How much money will you lose while the office is on downtime? If your business is growing so should your mindset. Your business will need office solutions that will be effective and efficient. Desktop printers will not be ideal to accompany your growth.
Commercial printers are for long-term use. These units can accommodate above normal usage and volume. The catch is maintenance. You just have to make sure that every nook and cranny of a copy machine is in good condition. Now, Flat Rate Copiers manages these things for you. We take care of everything that concerns your unit with a copier lease.
Our leases cover preventive maintenance. We perform this to make sure our units are running smoothly. We hate office downtime, too.


Desktop printers have limited features. It works when a digital file is sent to a desktop printer connected to a computer (or its network) and the printed page is available in a short while. These printers support a limited amount of paper sizes. You need to have a multifunction unit to perform scanning and copying. Desktop printers that support wireless printing are more expensive. It is another ball game setting up these printers for your network.
Commercial printers are way different. Needless to say, these units have more functionalities and features. A multifunction commercial printer basically does tons of operations at the same time. It covers your printing, copying, and scanning needs. Your office's networks will have an easy time with these printers. These printers fit for most corporate setups.
Moreover, high-capacity multifunction printers are staples in big businesses. You will see them in every office of every corporate building. Big businesses choose to lease copy machines because it fits their long-term plans.


We have to be honest about this one. You have to work around your budget. If your current financial status limits you to a desktop printer, then so be it. But if you have a little leeway for upscaling, then take that chance. Your business will thank you for committing to a copier lease. As your business grows, desktop printers will become liabilities. They will weigh you down.
However, if your business is still starting then a desktop printer is the smart choice. You can perform normal printing operations. Your business is sailing just as smoothly. Now, there will be risks. You will be vulnerable to printer repair scams once your printers break down. It will be wise to arm yourself with printer knowledge. This will sound like micromanaging but you are still starting. It is better safe than sorry. We have our fair share of customers who fell victim to these scams. Their experiences justify the need for businesses to lease rather than to buy a copy machine.
For big businesses, it is just a matter of when. Offices realize the need to lease a commercial unit. It is smart financing. Your budget allows you to venture into a lease. The question is when and how long you will wait to commit to one. If you are still unsure, Flat Rate Copiers have experts on the phone 24/7 to help you decide. Give us a call at 877-781-5112.
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Yes, your business mindset is a factor. Actually, it is a big factor. You can stay with desktop printers if you choose. That is totally fine. You will think that your business is just small and will not have any need for upscaling. You are contented with just how things are in your office. When a printer breaks down, you just call a technician. When it stops working, you just buy another one. This is no big deal for you. This is just another business day as usual.
However, your business will grow. Every smart businessman aspires for growth. Sometimes, it is inevitable. Your business will upscale and so does your operational costs. You will have to review and ponder upon your office practices. You have to get rid of things that are inefficient and upgrade the things that worked. Should you continue using desktop printers for 50 employees? Can you sustain the business with this routine for the next five years?
The bottom line is simple. How you see your business in the future determines your choice. There is a reason why law firms, hospitals, government agencies, and non-profit organizations choose a commercial printer on lease. It benefits them in the long run. Their mindset is fixed for the long term sustainability of their business.

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If you reached this part of the article, we hope we helped you decide. If you think that a lease on a commercial printer is beneficial for you business, give us a call. Our specialists are available to answer any of your questions 24/7.
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If you are a business with over 50 employees, we offer our Enterprise VIP Support. This includes multiple monthly visits and hands-on management of our copiers under your lease. This service level guarantees 99% uptime for your office. You can take advantage of your 24/7 phone support and same-day repair service.
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